Clover Employee Management August 19 2017

Clover lets you track shifts, sales, tips, and cash sales at the employee level, and set access levels for employees — so you’re always in control.
Set and adjust employee access permissions to help keep sensitive information private.
Employee Level Reports
Track sales, including cash sales, by employee and shift so reconciliation is easier on you.
Track clock-ins and clock-outs to make sure shifts are appropriately staffed.
Let Clover help you manage your employees, so you’ll never have to worry about things like permissions or tip distribution.

Aldelo POS For Restaurant In New York March 13 2014

  • Experience Aldelo Tech Support for over 15 years.
  • Best value on your investment.
  • 99% uptime Guarantee.
  • Professional  menu setup and Input.
  • Easy of Use- the Self explanatory Interface has decreased the learning curve for the staff.
  • 3 years Factory Warranty for all equipment.
  • Easy Integration with 99% of Credit Card processing companies in the US market.
  • Aldelo Restaurant POS Tech Support: 718-551-0865